Lemongrass Eucalyptus Bath SaltLemongrass Eucalyptus Bath Salt

Lemongrass Eucalyptus Bath Salt

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$26.00 CAD
Vanilla Bean Protein PowderVanilla Bean Protein Powder

Vanilla Bean Protein Powder

4 reviews
$86.00 CAD
Healthy GlowHealthy Glow

Healthy Glow

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$107.00 CAD
Cod Liver Oil SoftgelsCod Liver Oil Softgels

Cod Liver Oil Softgels

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$88.00 CAD
EC3 WipesEC3 Wipes

EC3 Wipes

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$33.00 CAD
Enzyme & Probiotic ShampooEnzyme & Probiotic Shampoo

Enzyme & Probiotic Shampoo

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$66.00 CAD
Mineral Toothpaste FlavorlessMineral Toothpaste Flavorless

Mineral Toothpaste Flavorless

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$20.00 CAD
Master Mineral Drink

Master Mineral Drink

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$102.00 CAD

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The Balanced Market is an aggregate of holistic health and wellness intentional creators who are committed to integrity-filled and sustainable practices throughout the entire process. We are sharing trusted products that are transparent from start to completion. As you discover our curations, have the peace of mind you are acquiring authentic, earth loving and healing creations that yearn to help return us to our balanced self.