Tonic Treasures

8 Immortals - Mushroom Elixir

A powerful blend of the top Eight most beneficial Tonic Herbal Mushrooms.

Throughout history these mushrooms have earned an "elite status" among the class of herbs used to nourish, strengthen and protect life.

The Mushrooms in 8 Immortals Drops are traditionally known to be deeply nutritive, help to support immunological intelligence, and possess extraordinary health enhancing compounds.

Each individual mushroom offers its own specific polysaccharides, myconutrients and antioxidants — including triterpenoids, glycoproteins, flavonoids and ergosterols. These compounds provide protection and play a deeply supportive role for the entire system. 

Designed to elevate your life in a convenient elixir dropper for the adventurous spirit = travel + on the go.

Now you always have adaptogenic mushrooms + instant dose of potent Beta Glucans = the crucial weapons which provide powerful immunomodulating + immune strengthening / adaptive properties.


 Cordyceps mushroom is a powerful energy adaptogen and kidney tonic used by athletes around the world to help promote strength, boost stamina + endurance, and support immune health. It tonifies both yin + yang, so it can be taken daily as a tonic for long periods of time. 

Lion’s Mane mushroom has been traditionally used to help modulate the immune system, support cognition, help stimulate the regeneration of nerves, heighten mood and encourage spiritual connection.

Reishi mushroom is an instrument of extreme longevity and rests at the heart of our tradition. It is without a doubt the single most powerfully transformational herb that exists in the world today. It possesses potent immunomodulating effects, and helps to support the kidneys, liver, heart, and brain.

Agaricus Blazei mushroom is a deeply nutritive and medicinally potent mushroom native to the rainforests of Brazil. It is widely revered, both locally and around the world, as a sacred gift from nature that offers incredible health and longevity to all those who partake in its wonder. It promotes strong immunomodulatory effects has and a remarkably high amount of beta glucans. 

Chaga mushroom is known as the king of mushrooms and has been used for ages to preserve youthfulness, promote vitality, and encourage longevity. With a super high contents of antioxidants, powerful immune support, and with strong anti-inflammatory properties, this is an excellent overall tonic for the entire system. 

Turkey Tail mushroom is known as one of the most effective natural substances for destroying harmful chemical toxins both in the human body and the natural environment. This adaptogenic mushroom is very beneficial for the immune system and has demonstrated powerful anti-viral effects. It is also a potent liver tonic that supports our vital force. 

Maitake mushroom is traditionally used as a powerful protection agent against toxicity and viral infections. This immune boosting tonic supports balanced blood pressure and has been used as an effective fertility aid in certain cases. 

Mesima mushroom is a very unique polypore that has a long history of therapeutic use and is highly regarded for it’s wide ranging medicinal and nutritive benefits. It is traditionally recognized to possess some of the highest concentrations of immune boosting + anti-tumor properties out of all mushrooms. 

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