Chaparral Theory

Baby Balm

$48.00 CAD

MADE WITHOUT ESSENTIAL OILS. This TALLOW based baby balm is the perfect GENTLE formula for your child’s skin. Created without adding any unnecessary herbs, oils, fragrances, or fillers because your baby’s skin needs the BARE MINIMUM. A combination of animal fat and extra gentle COCONUT OIL is all this formula is comprised of. It’s all your baby needs. Available in whipped finish!

SCENT PROFILE: A very light coconut smell.

 4oz container.


100% Grass Fed and Finished Free Range Tallow., Organic Coconut Oil.

Start with clean hands to avoid transferring any bacteria into your jar. Use a pea sized amount and grab more as needed. A little goes a long way! This balm is safe to use all over your baby’s body.

Store in a cool, dry location such as under the changing table or in your diaper bag on a day below 85°F/29°C.

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