Clean Carbs - Vanilla

$88.00 CAD

Sweet potato, in powder form. Clean carbs to fuel your body.

- Recover faster from intense workouts.

- Refuel with the nutrition of one full, organic sweet potato per scoop.

Your body turns carbs into energy, but not the carbs found in powdered blends packed with sugary fillers—those lead to fat gain and crashes. Every serving of Clean Carbs contains one whole sweet potato. Our sweet potatoes are cold-processed to keep all nutrients in tact. Not a refined carb like maltodextrin or sugar found in other products. Ingredients: 1 Sweet Potato, + Vanilla powder, + Stevia.

Each serving of Clean Carbs is loaded with 24 grams of clean, superfood carbs, at just 100 calories. Our whole-foods blend makes the perfect addition to any drink or recipe. It comes in a delicious vanilla flavor, making it the tastiest way to get the clean-carb fuel your body needs. Clean Carbs contains only real, natural ingredients (sweet potatoes, vanilla, and stevia). No fillers or chemicals, zero junk.

Clean Carbs is the superfood blend that tastes like your favorite vanilla dessert. Add Clean Carbs to any drink or recipe for a delicious way to get whole-food carbs. We process our sweet potatoes so the plant cell wall remains intact (this is dietary fiber!). Yes, that means you may experience some graininess when you sip. It also means better digestion, a healthier carb, and a more natural blend, in a powder you can take anywhere.

Most powdered blends on the market are loaded with unnatural ingredients (like maltodextrin and sugars) that your body doesn’t need — and shouldn’t have. Our sweet potato blend is made from real, whole ingredients only. So you get the carbs you need to fuel your body. Without fillers, chemicals, preservatives, or artificial junk.

Size: 1.7lbs / 777 grams

Sweet Potato Powder, Vanilla Powder, Stevia Leaf Extract

Add to smoothies, shakes and to your favourite recipes.

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