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Superbloom Hydrosol

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Hydrosols are plant infused waters. This herbal blend was crafted using wild picked ROSEMARY from one of our founder’s family garden, along with wild harvested DESERT LAVENDER from the mountains of Arizona. Desert lavender contains properties that can help to promote hair growth, improve hair strength and thickness, and soothe a dry or itchy scalp. Our garden Rosemary is known for its ability to improve hair growth and strengthen hair strands, while also possessing antioxidant properties that can protect hair from damage. Our third agent, NETTLE, is local to the desert and works hard to reduce hair loss, promote hair growth, and improve the overall appearance of hair by providing essential vitamins and minerals.


This blend has an interesting natural scent. We find that the rosemary pulls through the most, with the lavender coming in a close second. The nettle seems to be the faintest smell. Desert lavender has a slightly different scent profile compared to traditional lavender, with a more citrusy and warm aroma that is less herbaceous than traditional lavender.

 4oz container.

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Garden Rosemary, Desert Lavender, Nettle, Distilled Water.

Hydrosols can be used many different ways:

+spritz on your face after a shower for maximum hydration.

+apply in place of a perfume or body spray.

+apply to wounds, bug bites, sun burns*

+can be used in a diffuser.

+use as a linen spray or room spray.

+can be added in small amounts to foot soak or bath*

+spray in your hair for a refresh*

+use for emotional support or better sleep*

+spray on a cotton ball and use as a makeup remover or toner*

Hydrosols have a 6 month expiration date. This can be extended by a month by keeping it in the fridge. Putting your hydrosol in the fridge can also change the scent profile slightly. Experiment with room temperature water and cooler water to see which you like best.

Factors that can contribute to the oxidation of plant waters include exposure to air, light, and heat. It's important to store plant waters in a cool, dark place.

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