Chaparral Theory

Desert Raindrops Hydrosol

$34.00 CAD

Hydrosols are plant infused waters. This aqua masterpiece was crafted using 100% wild picked creosote from the Sonoran Desert.


If you’re from the southwest, this is the smell of the chaparral bush after rain. To those who aren’t familiar with the smell, we’re often told it smells like tar, fresh asphalt, or a burning bush.

 2oz container.

Creosote, Distilled Water.

Hydrosols can be used many different ways:

+spritz on your face after a shower for maximum hydration.

+apply in place of a perfume or body spray.

+apply to wounds, bug bites, sun burns*

+can be used in a diffuser.

+use as a linen spray or room spray.

+can be added in small amounts to foot soak or bath*

+spray in your hair for a refresh*

+use for emotional support or better sleep*

+spray on a cotton ball and use as a makeup remover or toner*

* based on the herbal properties in your hydrosol

Hydrosols have a 6 month expiration date. This can be extended by a month by keeping it in the fridge. Putting your hydrosol in the fridge can also change the scent profile slightly. Experiment with room temperature water and cooler water to see which you like best.

Factors that can contribute to the oxidation of plant waters include exposure to air, light, and heat. It's important to store plant waters in a cool, dark place.

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