Kiwami - Super Ceremonial Matcha

$54.00 CAD

The word Kiwami translates to “ultimate” or “extreme.” Displaying a balanced umami flavour, Kiwami presents tasting notes of florals, honey, and cream, a refreshing fragrance, and a hint of natural sweetness.

Sustainably grown in the hills of Shizuoka, Japan, this unique tea is carefully crafted from hand-picked tea leaves of a single cultivar: the Okumidori cultivated tea variety, well-renowned for its matcha profile. This makes Kiwami rare, as most matcha is made using a blend of cultivars from multiple farms in order to achieve the desired balanced taste.

Sourced from a multi-generational single estate, Kiwami is ground to order from first harvest tea leaves. It is pesticide-free, fertilized with organic materials, and shaded by solar panels.

This matcha undergoes extensive third-party testing for radiation, heavy metals, and over 700 pesticides and herbicides to ensure it meets Matchaful standards.

*Pesticide-free, Single Origin, Single Cultivar and Solar Shaded

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