Organic Cotton + Hemp Reusable Rounds

$26.00 CAD

A naturally breathable organic cotton and hemp reusable cloth round. They are thick and soft, ideal for all skin types, especially those who tend to be on the sensitive side. Since one side is slightly more textured than the other, you have the choice to go for a bit more exfoliation, especially when deep cleaning.

This organic cotton and hemp reusable cloth round set is handmade by a small maker in Texas with 100% certified organic materials and contain no toxic chemicals.

Why Hemp and Cotton? 
Cotton is the material giving the cloth a very soft and more comfortable feel against the skin. Hemp is stronger, more absorbent, more durable, better insulating and blends very well with Cotton. The hemp adds stability and strength to the cotton, making the fabric stronger and slightly lowering its shrinkage. 

12 pack of cloth rounds with a bamboo container.

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