Sustain By Kat

Plant Dyed Silk Hair Tie

$15.00 CAD
Color: Teal

Our newly updated hair ties are made with the same organic silk we love, but now with over 20% more stretch, allowing you increased versatility in your updo.

Organic silk is our go-to for hair ties - the natural luster of silk helping to reduce breakage and pulls. Plus, the beauty of our plant-dyed silk makes a unique and lovely bracelet between hairdos.

Made from 100% natural materials, our hair ties are safe for your skin and hair. 

We recommend 1-2 wraps for a loose updo and 2-3 for workouts (depending on the thickness of your hair).

Each hair tie measures approx. 6.75" in circumference.

Unlike industry-standard petroleum-based dyes, Sustain's hair ties are dyed with plants. We avoid the harmful synthetic dyes that can leach into your skin and hair. Our plant dyes are 100% natural - not just safe for the environment, but part of it.

No harmful synthetic chemicals here. Just nature.

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