Protect - Progesterone

$70.00 CAD

Bio-Identical Progesterone
Fully dissolved, high purity, molecular serum. 
Derived from wild-yam, ultra pure, enzyme extracted process and tested for purity.

Supplement Facts:
Bio-Identical Progesterone, 1 ounce (32ml) bottle.
Total progesterone per bottle: 2,700 mg.

3mg per drop. 
Drops per bottle: ~900.
Approximate serving size: 3-6 drops.

Other ingredients: Mixed tocopherols, MCT oil. 

*Refrigeration not necessary. Stable for 1 year after opening, 3 years if sealed.


Bio-identical Progesterone, mixed tocopherol Vitamin E, MCT Oil.

Each bottle contains 2700mg of bio-identical progesterone as a fully dissolved molecular serum.

Take 6 drops twice daily or as recommended by your health care provider.

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