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Shilajit - Elixir of Life

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Born from within the great mountain ranges of the Earth. A primordial ooze formed from the ancient decomposition of plant + life matter. Used for thousands of years, modern research is now showing how powerful it truly is. 

Our Shilajit is extra special because it is sustainably wildcrafted from pristine North American Mountain ranges and then purified utilizing sophisticated low temperature purification methods, to produce one of the purest and most profound forms of Shilajit available. This is the freshest and most profound Shilajit you will experience.

This extremely rare and semi-precious material is now available in small batch, limited edition amounts. The indigenous American Shilajit mineral pitch consists of a completely unique spectrum of ionic minerals, micronutrients and antioxidants from our local land in a highly bioavailable form. This ancient herbal material that has been consumed for thousands of years throughout the world because of the incredible life enhancing benefits it may provide. In Ayurveda, it is considered a premier Rasayana,exalted as the strongest rejuvenating component of the Earth, and notably referred to as “Destroyer of Weakness” & “Conquer of Mountains”, to further exemplify its power. 


It is essentially a primordial substance of an ancient ecosystem. This black, resinous material is a naturally occurring exudate that forms at high elevations in sacred mountain regions around the world. 

*An exudate is a fluid or resin emitted by an organism through pores or a wound, in a process known as exuding or exudation. 

Over the sands of time, diverse plant life and bio-material has been compressed between vast layers of rock in high altitude mountain ranges around the world. Being humidified between these giant slabs of stone for millions of years ultimately formed a bioavailable, mineral rich + micronutrients + amino acids + fulvic + humic acid combination . This is nature's gift to us all.

Shilajit is abundant in 80+ natural ionic trace minerals, amino acids, phytonutrients, humic acid and naturally occurring concentrations of fulvic acid. Our current analysis shows 22% fulvic acid. Many of these vital minerals and trace elements found in Shilajit are desired by our body for energy reactions in our cells, for the growth of entirely new cells, and may help support cell life too. Fulvic acid can act as a catalyst to help transport these mineral molecules at a cellular level, and absorb them deep into the body. These actions may help support overall revivification and may help offer subsequent health benefits over a lifetime.

The list of rewards Shilajit presents are immense, and when combined with other herbs there is often an alchemical wedding of magnificence.


Most true Shilajit sources contain rare trace amounts of mitochondria-targeted antioxidants called dibenzo-alpha-pyrones (DBP), which are complex fat-soluble proteins. These DBP's exhibit a wide range of beneficial functions including powerful antioxidants, anti-allergic, and anti-microbial actions. Many researchers believe these DBP's are heat-sensitive and could be destroyed by cooking. Our low-temperature extraction method allows all delicate heat-sensitive compounds to remain in their natural raw state for optimal bio-availability.

This liquid based Shilajit is very concentrated and contains approximately 5 grams of mineral pitch per bottle. It is completely water soluble, allowing for ease of use and making it the perfect travel companion. Discover the intrinsic essence of the land, and absorb an ancient ecosystem with Wild American Shilajit. Made with love in the USA.

Wild American High Mountain Shilajit Minerals.

Take 30 drops in any non-chlorinated liquid or directly by mouth 1-2 times per day or as directed by you natural health practitioner.

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