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Stylus Pen for EMF Protection

$20.00 CAD
Colour: Golden-Copper

Here it is! The Best Stylus for your phone! This pretty Stylus Pen provides you a nice distance between your device and you- the less EMF radiation you're exposed to the better. Wireless energy dissipates with distance.

It is recommended to be 8-12 inches away from your phone for EMF exposure to drop by 80%. The few inches you'll get away as you use this stylus pen to text, email or scroll is a fun and healthy idea. Bonus: A Stylus Pen keeps your screen clean and pretty too!

This Stylus is the best because it has the super-effective removable and replaceable precise Interlocking Alloy tip. This tip gives it the ability to connect and glide across your screen with precision and smoothness that you will not find with plastic or silicon. The stylus pens are easy to handle, just like a normal ballpoint pen- but with a stylus tip instead

  • Touch tips have a smaller surface area than most fingers, which improves accuracy. This is especially helpful if you have large fingers.
  • A stylus pen is always clean, and leaves no oily stains or smudges on the screen from using your fingers.
  • Helpful if you’re wearing gloves, you have long nails, or if you’re worried about germs.
  • They helps with visibility as they block less of your screen view.
  • Much better for handwriting, signing digital documents, or drawing.


- Golden-Copper: 2 sided stylus, one alloy side, one easy grip side. Comes with an alloy tip replacement.

- Purple: Original stylus style with alloy tip.


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