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Living up to its name, this Ice Roller is truly worth the hype! Start or end your day with cold therapy to reduce puffiness, shrink pores, and deepen facial contours while tightening and improving skin elasticity.

Reduces puffiness and redness
Shrinks pores and boosts skin's elasticity
Helps with lymphatic drainage


Say goodbye to puffiness and hello to smoother, firmer skin. This versatile tool is your secret weapon for reducing redness, refining pores, and sculpting your jawline, all while giving your skin the ultimate icy refreshment. The lightweight ergonomic handle is both easy to grasp and comfortable to maneuver. The roller head stays icy cold and naturally glides within the curvatures of the face. Reap all the benefits of cold therapy without the hassle!

Store your Ice Roller in the freezer so that it's ready anytime — morning or night.

For morning use (pre-makeup), remove from the freezer and gently roll across your face with smooth strokes starting from the center of your face and moving outward. Afterwards, apply your favorite skincare products and makeup if desired.

For nighttime use (at the end of your skincare routine), simply remove from the freezer and gently massage over your entire face. Cold therapy helps lock serums and moisturizers into place, so that skin feels hydrated and revitalized!

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Ice Roller

It feels cheaply made and squeaks every time it rolls. Not worth the money

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