Fontana Candle Co.

Best Dad Ever Cypress Sage + Patchouli Candle

Celebrate life's most cherished moments with our Best Dad Ever Cypress Sage + Patchouli Candle from the Fontana Celebrations Collection. Fontana Candles believes that living a low-tox life should never mean compromising on the joy and beauty of celebrating life's big and small victories. That's why they've created this exquisite candle, specially crafted for those who truly cherish their loved ones.

This unique non-toxic blend of Cypress, Sage, and Patchouli is perfect for a father figure who desire bold, comforting aromas. Cypress offers a subtle evergreen scent while Sage contributes a bold note which perfectly complements the earthy aromas of Patchouli. This blend is our most masculine scent.

Size: This 9 fl oz jar has a net weight of 7.49 oz, and an approximate burn time of 35-40 hours.

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