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Popcorn Salts - Refill Pouch

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Say goodbye to bland popcorn and embrace a tastier snacking option with these Popcorn Salt, now available in a convenient refill pouch. The perfect blend of real food ingredients to elevate your popcorn to a whole new level, free from any artificial ingredients. Make every movie night, game day, or casual gathering a delicious celebration of flavour and wellness. 5 unique flavours to choose from: 

Caramel Corn: An Irresistibly Sweet Caramel Treat.

Movie Theater: A Blend of Rich, Velvety Butter and Savory, Salty Goodness.

Cheddar Cheese: A delightfully sharp, cheesy flavour explosion perfect for every cheese lover.

Parmesan Cheese: Delectably Salty with a Tangy, Parmesan Twist.

Garlic Butter: Sautéed garlic meets creamy butter for a binge-able, guilt-free favourite. 

 - Flavoured with real food ingredients

- No artificial ingredients - first of its kind!

- Contains sea salt with 64+ trace minerals

Size: 2.82 oz (.17lbs) (80g)

Caramel Corn:
Maple Syrup Powder*, Coconut Sugar*, Potato Starch, Sea Salt, Caramel Extract, Vanilla Extract.

Movie Theater:
Butter*, Non-Fat Dried Milk*, Sea Salt

Cheddar Cheese:
Cheddar Cheese Powder*, Sea Salt

Parmesan Cheese:
Swiss Cheese Powder*, Parmesan Cheese Powder*, Sea Salt, Whey Protein*

Garlic Butter:
Butter*, Non-Fat Dry Milk*, Sea Salt, Garlic Powder*

*=Organic Ingredient

Sprinkle desired amount over buttered or oiled popcorn.

Try grass-fed butter, coconut oil, avocado oil, or ghee!

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