Coconut Corrective Cream Concealer

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$25 USD / $34 CAD

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Thanks, you creamy-dreamy fixer-upper. Thanks for covering up my pesky blemishes. Thanks for hiding my embarrassing under-eye circles on rough-and-tumble mornings. Thanks for keeping me looking fresh and awake with your eyebright extract. You see this happy face? You did that!

What is it? A creamy, no-pull concealer that glides on smooth as butter to cover your pesky blemishes, highlight your assets or conceal dark under eye circles.


👀Eyes appear refreshed 

🌱Works to heal the appearance of blemishes 


🌿Vitamin, mineral & anti-oxidant rich from organic skin superfood ingredients, healthy fats & natural earth minerals 

✨Creates that 'Glow' 

☀️Natural SPF & element protection   

❤️Enhances YOUR natural beauty 

🌾Breathable & light-weight 

These ingredients are packed with purpose:

Non-GMO Organic Coconut Oil Extract -Provides deep, real moisture, anti-oxidant but without the potential of clogging pores.

Wild Picked Araza Fruit Extract- 2x the amount of vitamin C as an orange and rich in polyphenols. Its high anti-oxidant content is anti-aging and protective.

Non- Nano Zinc Oxide- Natural SPF

Certified Organic Beeswax- Locks in moisture and protects skin, allows skin to breath

Certified Organic Jojoba Seed Oil- Lightweight w/ anti-inflammatory properties, has been know to treat acne and skin conditions

Coconut Postbiotic- Antibacterial, antifungal, skin conditioning properties

Certified Organic Argan Oil- Anti-aging, reduces wrinkles

Certified Organic Rosehip Seed Oil- Repairs sun-damage, discoloration and acne scars

Neem Seed Oil- Antibacterial, acne fighting

Non-GMO Natural Vitamin E Oil- Wrinkle fighting

Silica- Absorbs oils, diffuses light, reduces pores & wrinkles

Eye Bright Extract- Anti-inflammatory, astringent, reduces redness, swelling and eye area irritations

Certified Organic Carrot Seed- Packed with carotene & vitamin A, assists in cell growth & rejuvenation

(+/- Organic Essential Oil Blend, non-nano mica and iron oxides)

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