Cod Liver Oil

$62.00 CAD

Earthley's cod liver oil is the real deal — pure, virgin cod liver oil, straight from the Arctic Circle (Alaska)!  The fish are line caught, and the livers are flash-frozen so they’re fully preserved until they reach the shore.  Once they do, they’re gently processed with low heat to extract the natural oil with all vitamins intact.  The oil is third-party tested and is free of heavy metals and contaminants.  The finished oil has a small amount (less than 2%) of antioxidants added preserve its goodness.

Many people do not get enough vitamin D.

What contains all of these things, in nature’s perfect package?  Cod Liver Oil!

If taking cod liver oil orally isn't your thing, we also offer our Vitamin D Cream for topical use! 

suitable for all ages. 

Size: 8 oz

Pure, Alaskan Cod Liver Oil

Kids 0 – 6: 1/4 tsp. per day

Ages 7 – adult: 1/2 tsp. per day

**Please refrigerate after opening**

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