Elderberry Syrup DIY Kits

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Looking to make your own elderberry syrup? This Elderberry DIY Kits make it easier than ever! No need to overbuy herbs or spend time researching for the best recipe. Simply boil in water and add honey, syrup, or a sweetener of your choice. Each kit makes about two cups of syrup, which is enough to last one month for a family of four. 

Elderberry syrup is a staple in many natural households to keep the whole family healthy. This syrup kits are special because we don’t just use elderberry alone. Earthley also adds other immune-supporting and anti-inflammatory herbs to create a tasty herbal remedy that powerfully fights cold and flu symptoms. 

There are two kits offered: Immune Support for daily use to help protect the family from illness and Cough and Cold to soothe the sniffles, sore throats, and coughs. Keep both in the house year round to promote overall wellness and recover quickly should sickness occur. Complete directions are included with each elderberry syrup kit. To make each kit, all you need is water and raw honey, maple syrup, or organic sugar.


  • Immune modulator
  • Supports respiratory health
  • Helps with occasional coughs
  • Helps with cold and flu symptoms
  • Calms allergies and allergic responses
  • Anti-bacterial properties
  • Anti-viral properties
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Rich in anthocyanins
  • Rich in vitamin C
  • 4 herbs

Available in Cough and Cold and Immune Support.

*This product does not contain a safety seal.

Cough and Cold:

Ceylon cinnamon chips*
Turmeric root*
Whole cloves*

Immune Support:

Ceylon cinnamon chips*
Astragalus root*

*Certified organic ingredients

Combine the elderberry and herb mixture with 2 cups of water and bring to a boil. Cover and simmer for 10 – 15 minutes, then remove from heat and let it sit for 20 – 30 minutes. Strain, and add 1/2 cup raw honey and additional water, if needed, to make 2 cups.

Take at first sign of illness:

Ages 1 – 5: 1/2 tsp
Ages 6 – 12: 1 tsp
Ages 13+: 2 – 3 tsp

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