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Go to Glow - Ceremonial Cacao

$26.00 CAD

Pure | Meditative | Uplifting

100%, pure ceremonial cacao goodness.

This blend is named after the world’s most famous cacao meditation, created by our teacher, Keith Wilson, the “Cacao Shaman”.

The Go to Glow meditation (can be found in our blog) is our favorite meditation for increasing your radiance and all around vibe in a matter of seconds.

Use our 100% cacao as a blank canvas and add your favorite superfoods, herbs and spices to create your own unique ceremonial cacao elixir.

111g = 10 cups of cacao

333g = 30 cups of cacao

100% pure ceremonial cacao.

For daily use, we recommend using 11g (equal to 1 tablespoon).

For ceremonial use, 22g-50g (2-5 tablespoons) can be used.

We do NOT recommend using more than 50g of cacao, as you can experience a “hangover” from using too much of this plant medicine. Start slow and experiment with what’s best for you every day.

111g = 10 cups of cacao

333g = 30 cups of cacao

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