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Bara Facial Balm

$130.00 CAD

Experience the luxury of light weight, breathable moisture with Bara Facial Balm. 

For those living in arid climates or battling dry, chapped skin caused by seasonal weather changes, Bara is a necessity. Along with re-moisturizing your skin, Bara will never clog your pores and offers the added benefit of softening and fading scar tissue.

BAH-RAH - In Japanese, BARA means rose  // In Hebrew it means 'to create from nothing'


BARA BALM is our answer to skin in need.  Sometimes skin needs a little extra to soothe and protect.  BARA is formulated to take moisturizing to another level. Each ingredient has been chosen to soften skin, absorbing quickly, leaving your face with an ultra sheer layer of protection against environmental assault. BARA feels light, and has a delightfully sweet and uplifting scent. Its texture is extremely smooth and melts into skin with ease. Use it on its own, as an added boost to your face oil or as a spot treatment wherever extra love may be required.

Size: 1 fl oz / 30 ml

Jojoba oil*, Macadamia nut oil*, Apricot kernel oil*, Pomegranate seed oil*, Tamanu oil*, Beeswax, Sea buckthorn oil*, Mixed tocopherols (Non-GMO Vitamin E), Marshmallow root*, Calendula*, Chamomile*, Lemon balm*, Essential oils of: Chinese rose, Vanilla 'total' CO2, Frankincense, Lavender*

*Certified Organic

NOTE: Our products are made in small batches and with ingredients of the highest quality. Because of this, slight fluctuations in color may occur from batch to batch even though ratios stay consistent.

Warm a small amount of balm between fingers and apply a thin layer to face and neck. May be used on any skin in need of a luxurious moisture treatment.

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