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Topical Magnesium

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At last, high quality magnesium oil in healthy glass bottles. We do not recommend transdermal applications from plastic bottles, it is wise to avoid endocrine disrupters found in soft plastics.

Maximum dosage (and we write the percentage on the bottle for transparency) : Full Strength Zechstein Inside® Magnesium Chloride. The only Transdermal Magnesium oil on the market without chemical “purification”. The original from the Netherlands.

Natural state magnesium from pure magnesium layers. Coming directly from an ancient sea located 1.6km (1 mile) underground, dating back 250 million years and completely removed from atmospheric pollution. Not just a product, but a unique story and gift of nature. The texture of Transdermal Magnesium is similar to that of a dry oil.

Magnesium Benefits

• Calms cramps, pain, inflammation and tendonitis
• Stimulates local blood circulation
• Relieve muscle aches associated with sports activities
• Relieves pain associated with sports activities
• Improve skin problems
• Accelerate wound healing
• Helps to restore sleep quality
• Calms and maintains the nervous system
• May increase concentration and memory capacity
• Hair care and facial care
• Dental hygiene in mouthwashes and gum healing
• Calming periodontal pain
• Reduces muscle tension through massage
• Can help alleviate cold symptoms
• May calm headaches, earaches and the ENT sphere
• Promotes the detoxification of toxins and heavy metals

- 2 month Supply

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