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Hydrolyzed Collagen - Chocolate

$62.00 CAD

Your Search For The Best Flavored Collagen On The Planet Ends Here

We know, that is a very bold statement. After all, there are a number of good collagen supplements on the market, but why settle for good, when let's face it - you deserve the best… no, you deserve Perfect!

Only The Perfect Hydrolyzed Collagen Chocolate Provides:

  • 100% Hydrolyzed Collagen (11 grams of Collagen per serving)
  • Sourced EXCLUSIVELY From Brazilian Pasture Raised (Grass Fed) Cows
  • 100% Natural and Pesticide and Hormone Free
  • Non-GMO
  • Lactose & Dairy Free
  • Low Molecular Weight For Easy Absorption
  • High Bioavailability
  • Free of Pesticides, Hormones, Chemicals and Contaminants
  • Contains Type I & Type III Collagen

What Are The Health Benefits of Taking Collagen?

If you follow a Paleo or Weston A. Price diet you are very familiar with bone broth. Bone Broth is nutrient dense because of the gelatin that is produced when you cook the bones. Gelatin is just cooked collagen.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body and plays a key role in numerous bodily functions. Yes, collagen is important for healthy and youthful looking skin, but collagen's health benefits are not just skin deep.

Collagen Peptides, Organic Cacao Powder, Organic Monk Fruit Extract

Mix in scoop into milk, smoothies or your favourite beverage (hot or cold). Also great in pancakes and baked goods. For best mixing use a shaker cup or a blender.

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