Hydroxyapatite Varnish

$182.00 CAD

Professional-strength results, without the toxins.

This highly concentrated formula intended to penetrate deep into the enamel and provide targeted treatments.

  • Active Ingredients | nanoXIM CarePaste, L-Arginine
  • Up to 100 Applications per Tube
  • Average application size: 0.40 Grams of Varnish

Formulated with biomimetic ingredients including science-backed nano-Hydroxyapatite, Fygg varnish addresses specific concerns like generalized or root sensitivity, cavity arrest and reversal, hypoplastic enamel, and whitening.

This nano-Hydroxyapatite is the only form currently approved for safety by a regulatory body, the SCCS in the EU, and it is the highest quality nano-Hydroxyapatite available on the global market.

Fygg's nano-hydroxyapatite professional varnish gives you the same results as fluoride professional varnish, with none of the toxic side effects.

Safe, effective, and non-toxic for all ages, from young children to adults to pregnant women.

Who should use Fygg Professional Varnish?

  • Folks with chronic tooth or root sensitivity
  • Kids and adults with demineralization or active cavities that you want to reverse or arrest
  • People who want to whiten their teeth in a biomimetic way
  • Anyone with hypoplastic or undermineralized enamel who wants extra protection
  • Anyone in active orthodontic aligners, braces, trays, or appliances
  • Anyone who is considered at high-risk for cavities or sensitivity

Size: 1.41 oz


Glycerin (Humectant)
Xylitol (Sweetener)
Hydrated Silica (Viscosity)
nano-Hydroxyapatite (Remineralization)
Xanthan Gum (Binder)
Vanilla Aromatica Fruit Extract (Flavour)
Glucono Lactone (pH adjuster)
Potassium Sorbate (Preservative)
Monk Fruit Extract (Sweetener)
L-Arginine (Remineralization)
Polydextrose (Prebiotic)
Potassium Chloride (Sensitivity)

There are a few ways to use Fygg varnish for best results:

1) Use Fygg varnish as a replacement for your daily toothpaste.

2) Direct application with your finger or brush to an area of concern.

3) Apply a dollop to your floss and floss between the teeth.

4) Use Fygg varnish in your trays and wear overnight.

5) Dental professionals, you can use Fygg varnish as a replacement for fluoride varnish in your office for a biomimetic, non-toxic treatment.

A little bit goes a long way! Don't rinse it off, in order to maximize contact time. Use up to twice per day. Fygg varnish is safe if swallowed and safe for use in young children and pregnant women.

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