Perfect Supplements

Magnesium Citrate Powder

$38.00 CAD

Perfect Supplements Magnesium Is:

- High Bioavailability

- Lab Tested For Heavy Metals

- Virtually Tasteless and Odourless

- 100% Pure and Natural Magnesium Citrate

- Organic Form of Magnesium

- No Synthetics & Non- GMO

- High Solubility and Gut Absorption Rate

- Delivers 338mg of Elemental Magnesium Per Serving

Size: 120 Servings per bottle

Elemental Magnesium (from Trimagnesium Citrate), Trimagnesium Citrate

Best taken in between meals, or first thing in the morning or before bedtime.

This is a concentrated form of Magnesium. Some people have a low tolerance for Magnesium, please start by mixing 1/4 serving (1/8 tsp) daily into 8 ounces of water or juice and increase gradually to your comfort level. If tolerance is low, try taking your Magnesium in divided doses throughout the day instead of all at once.

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