Crucial Four

mBalance - Pearl Powder

$119.00 CAD

mBalance is wild harvested and uniquely vibration extracted, so no solvents are used in the process of our pearl powder. Pearls are rich in minerals, especially high-quality calcium, and incredible unique compounds called ‘signal proteins'.

Feel The Balance

Scientific studies show Pearl Powder to be an excellent source of bioavailable calcium and trace minerals, thus helping to support stress and promote mental and emotional well-being.

Did You Get The Message?

As a unique messenger substance, signal proteins from pearl powder act as messengers by emitting signals that control cellular growth and repair. Signal proteins stimulate collagen regeneration and growth of renewed tissue. These signal proteins can play a dominant role in the maintenance of youthful skin tone and the promotion of vital skeletal and bone health.

Helps Support

  • Bone Builder
  • Sleep Aid
  • Nervous System
  • Skin Glow

Why Crucial Four Pearl Powder?

  • Vibration Extracted 
  • Mineral Dense
  • Wild Harvested 
  • Solvent Free

Pearl Powder

Add to mBreakfast or Smoothies, Add to Toothbrush, Add to moisturizer for face, Add to baked goods, Add to coffee or tea, Add to oats or yogurt, Rub into achy joints

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