Crucial Four

mColostrum - Grass-Fed Colostrum

$118.00 CAD

mColostrum is grass-fed, low temp dried, un denatured, non irradiated and single origin harvested. This colostrum has the highest fat & protein content of any colostrum, making our colostrum the most nutrient dense in the world.

The Best Colostrum Mother Nature Has To Offer

This is the best colostrum Mother Nature has to offer. It is created with care, and without monkeying around and trying to tweak the product in a lab. Our mColostrum is not stripped of fat, which means that it can be made in smaller and fresher batches.

Maximize Well-Being And Recovery

mColostrum contains a rich array of nutrients, including: growth factors, proline-rich polypeptides, lactoferrin, lipidic & glucidic factors, oligosaccharides, antimicrobials, cytokines, immunoglobulins and nucleosides. These nutrients may help support: gut stability, nutrient absorption, digestive health, well-being and recovery.

Helps Support

  • Immune System
  • Nervous System
  • Digestive System
  • Endocrine System

Why Crucial FOUR Colostrum?

  • From Cows that can be Grass-Fed Year-Round
  • Authentic 100% First Milking Bovine Colostrum Harvested in 4 Hours
  • Unfiltered, Whole and Non-Defatted
  • Tested to be Antibiotic-Free, Hormone-Free and Pesticide-Free
  • Made Without Additives or Preservatives
  • Rich in Immune Factors Including Igg and Lactoferrin
  • High in Protein and Essential Fatty Acids
  • Every Batch is Tested for Purity, Quality, and Potency


Grass-Fed Pasture-Raised Bovine Colostrum

Add to Smoothies, Add to Face Mask, Add to Cuts or Burns, Add to Baked Goods, Add to Yogurt or Oats

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