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mHydrate - Electrolyte Mix

$45.00 CAD

mHydrate is the only hydration product that contains 100% organic functional ingredients that hydrate. We use real hydrating tart cherry and lemon juice. NO artificial flavours, 0 synthetic minerals, 0 preservatives, 0 dead fruit powders and 0 fake sweeteners! Hydrate like never before, just add to water and stir or shake.

Highest Quality Ingredients

Hydration like never before. Feel limitless with the highest quality sea salts (mSalt/mMinerals) organic fruit juice powders, and coconut nectar. Did you know that most fruit powders and nectars are dead and over processed, along with low quality raw materials? Feel limitless hydration with mHYDRATE!

Tested and Kid Approved

Looking for a hydration product that uses the best sea salts that are tested for heavy metals and microplastics? Looking for a hydration product your kids love? Look no further with mHydrate. Did you know this tart cherry juice powder and lemon juice powder is loaded with electrolytes and minerals? The organic fruits go through a low temp drying process that is under 106 degrees. The process was designed to protect the Chlorophyll and enzyme-rich juices, retaining the Enzymes, Flavonoids, Antioxidants, Proteins, volatile oils, and vibrant colours. The process is gentle enough to keep the Chloroplast intact which makes mHydrate a one of a kind formulation.

Size:4 oz bag

mSalt, mMinerals, Organic Tart Cherry Powder, Organic Lemon Powder, Organic Coconut Nectar

Add 1-2 tbsp to 16-32oz of purified water.
Add to Popsicles
Add to Juice or Smoothies

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