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mThrive - Elk Antler Velvet Extract

$235.00 CAD

Sourced exclusively in the USA, the nutrients in mThrive (Elk Antler Velvet) contains a powerful blend of growth factors. This high potency extract can be easily dropped under the tongue, added to drinks, or used topically.

Humanely Harvested From Free Range Elk

This elk antler velvet extract harvesting process is pain and stress-free for these beautiful and docile animals. It is done using a method that differs dramatically from those of the New Zealand and Chinese Deer Antler industry. The health and humane treatment of our Elk populations is paramount to our business model, its culture, and its ethics. The tips are manually clipped during collection times, making mThrive the most humane antler extract ever!

The Most Powerful Recovery Tool We Have Ever Seen

This elk antler velvet is freeze dried and then extracted in organic 190 proof grape spirits. mThrive is concentrated at 43:1 before extraction. The deep red color shows the concentrated repair nutrients.

Size: 1 fl oz, 1500 MCG

Velvet Antler Extract

Other Ingredients: Purified Water and Organic Grape Alcohol.

Oral: 2/3 dropper under the tongue, swish for 90 seconds and sallow.

Topical: Apply 1/4 dropper and rub on area for relief as needed.

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