MultiMineral Fulvic + Humic MicroNutrient Blend

$68.00 CAD

This Fulvic & Humic Trace Mineral Formula provides all the essential trace nutrients directly from nature to you.

Bottled in a high quality re-usable Brown Glass bottles


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Humidified Origin Material and RO Filtered, Purified, Oxygenated, Remineralized, Alkaline Water

Reccomended Dosage:

1 tablespoon taken twice a day by mouth 30 minutes before meals for best results. Begin with 1-2 teaspoons a day & build to full dosage over a week.

May be taken alone, with filtered water or juice. DO NOT add to chlorinated water.

Refrigerate after opening. For best quality, use within 60 days of opening.

Consult a Healthcare professional for dosage if you take medication, are pregnant, nursing or are under 18.

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