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Neapolitan Protein Powder

$86.00 CAD

Introducing Neapolitan Protein Powder: a delightful blend designed to satisfy your taste buds this summer while providing a nourishing protein boost. Crafted with care, this unique formula harnesses the authentic flavors of real strawberries and pure cacao, delivering a rich and indulgent Neapolitan experience.

What sets this protein powder apart is its commitment to pure goodness, devoid of added sugars, artificial sweeteners, and both artificial and natural flavours. With each scoop, you can enjoy the guilt-free pleasure of a classic treat, knowing that you are fueling your body with nourishing ingredients. Elevate your protein supplementation and discover a new level of enjoyment with our Neapolitan Protein Powder—treat yourself while nourishing yourself.

  • Free from sugar, gluten, artificial sweeteners or any artificial ingredients.
  • 160 calories, 24g protein, 7g carbs, & 4g fat per serving

An all-natural protein powder made with five different protein sources and flavored without artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols. Made with non-denatured 100% grass-fed whey from New Zealand.

Just Ingredients’ Protein Powder is 100% natural with 5 protein sources for easy digestion and an amazing, rich taste.

The reason it’s so effective is simple:

Just Ingredients’ natural protein powder is naturally sweetened and flavored with real foods and contains no artificial dyes, chemicals, or junk.

So, if you want a delicious tasting, high-protein, natural protein powder . . . you want to try Just Ingredients’ Protein Powder today.

Protein from five different protein sources:

  • Non-denatured 100% Grass-fed Whey Protein Isolate from New Zealand
  • Organic Pea Protein
  • Organic Pumpkin Seed
  • Organic Chia Seed
  • Collagen

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100% Grass-Fed Non-Denatured Whey Protein Isolate, Coconut Milk*, Strawberry Powder*, Cacao*, Pea Protein*, Pumpkin Seed Protein*, Grass-Fed Collagen, Chia Seeds*, Sea Salt, Stevia Leaf*, Monk Fruit*.

*Organic Ingredient

Combine ice, 8 oz of your milk of choice, and 1-2 scoops of protein powder. Blend until well combined.

Add 1 scoop of protein powder with 8 oz of water in a blender bottle. Shake until dissolved.


Add more protein to your favorite fruit smoothies, baked goods, and other recipes!

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