New Moon Beautifying Resin Serum

$84.00 CAD

A celestial preparation of the whole & complete oleoresins of frankincense, myrrh & boswellic extract from frankincense. 

Frankincense & myrrh have been used for centuries for their therapeutic and beautifying benefits and are still well-known and used in large by the beauty industry today.

Unfortunately the skincare industry uses the resins essential oils, which can cause damage to the skin without offering any benefits. At Kossma, we work with the whole and complete resins to harness their full rejuvenating potential, without any harmful side effects. 

We don't work with essential oils. Here's why...when it comes to resins (and all other plants), the medicinal portion of the resin (boswellic acid) is molecularly too heavy to be carried over into the essential oil during distillation. Essential oils only possess aromatic elements of resins and plants with little to no boswellic acid present in the essential oil.

In order to experience the healing & beautifying magic of resins, one needs to extract the whole resin where all the medicinal constituents are. We do this using a 3-step extraction method over 2 moon cycles. This ensures we are able to extract not only the boswellic acid but the other healing compounds in the resins as well. 

Frankincense & myrrh are famous for their skin benefits to help heal inflammatory skin conditions as well as address fine lines, wrinkles and premature aging skin. In addition, they nourish the skin to keep it healthy and youthful. 

*Suitable for daily use or as desired (1oz.)

The Kossma Promise:

  • No Seed Oils
  • No Essential Oils
  • No Hormones 
  • No Pesticides
  • PUFA Aware

Whole frankincense caterri resin, pure boswellic extract, pearl powder extract, sugar skin squalane oil.

Suitable for daily use or as desired

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