Nourished Glow Tanning Oil

$70.00 CAD

A luxurious tanning oil made with healthy sun safe saturated oils…because who wants to receive the healing benefits of the sun while seed oils oils are oxidizing on your skin?!? 

We formulated this blend to be 100% seed oil-free / zero linoleic acid oils with the power of protective & ultra-moisturizing coconut fatty acids & squalane oil to help you achieve a beautiful golden summer tan. 

This lovely oil is formulated to not absorb into the skin quickly so you have silky oil layer on the skin to reflect the sun. 

This is not a sunblock. Please practice safe tanning without burning your skin!  

Size: 4 oz

(new labels will reflect new name - nourished glow) 

Caprylic capric triglyceride (natural coconut oil lipids), sugar squalane, house infused organic chamomile flowers grown in the USA.

Organic. 4 oz.

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