OI Tape

oi tape™ mouth strips

$42.00 CAD

Reduce snoring, Improve dental hygiene, Realize a better quality of sleep.

Closing off your mouth and breathing through your nose reduces the chance of snoring. Don’t be a mouth breather. 

Gentle, durable mouth tape for your best night's sleep.

Your OI package comes with:

◼︎  30 mouth strips per re-sealable package

◼︎  BPA FREE guarantee and does not contain any parabens or phthalates

◼︎  Flexible, breathable fabric for a comfortable fit all night

◼︎  Safely adheres to facial hair

◼︎  Small vent for moisture control and airflow for peace of mind

◼︎  Pull tab that allows for hassle-free removal in the morning

A mouth tape you'll actually want to wear.

Made in the US

Size: 1 Package = 30 Mouth Strips

Step 1:
Get sleepy! This mouth tape is soft and gentle and leaves no adhesive residue.

Step 2:
Remove the liner, place over clean, dry, closed lips and start breathing normally.

Step 3:
Breathe through your nose, normally. The breathing vent brings comfort, allowing for mouth-breathing if needed.

Step 4:
Enjoy a sound night sleep.

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