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Oyster Max

$75.00 CAD

This oyster supplement is high in naturally occurring zinc, copper and Vitamin B12 and is a source of naturally occurring iodine.

WHAT IS OysterMax®?

OysterMax® is a pure oyster extract powder which has been encapsulated and contains significant amounts of naturally occurring nutrients.

Each bottle of oyster extract capsules contains on average the concentrated extract of approximately 4 – 6 kg of fresh oysters.

This extract contains significant amounts of zinc, copper, selenium and iodine,  naturally occurring as nature intended. They do not use any fillers, excipients or bulking agents in this product. It is pure oyster extract powder.

Quantity: 120 capsules (30 day supply)

100% pure oyster extract

Take 4 capsules daily.

30 servings in one container.

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