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Palo Santo & Pink Grapefruit Candle

$40.00 CAD

Renew & rejuvenate with Palo Santo & Pink Grapefruit Candle!

This scent has a strong smoky note, with a faint grapefruit aroma.

Bursera graveolens, or “holy wood” is an aromatic wood that has been valued for its therapeutic properties for centuries. It is harvested from an indigenous tree in arid areas of South America. The tree belongs to the same family as myrrh and frankincense, and this one is sustainably harvested from fallen trees in Peru.

It is believed that when Palo Santo is lit, it eliminates stagnant or negative energies and purifies the space, bringing uplifting positive energies, higher vibrations, and good luck. The soothing aroma of the smoke is often used to give your house a sweet smelling aroma and feel. Fontana Candle's Palo Santo oil is steam distilled from the fallen wood.

Burn Time: 35 - 40 Hours

Scent Strength: Strong - This scent is bold and more intense with a scent throw that will carry over a distance.

Size: 9oz Glass Jar

Cocus Nucifera (coconut oil), Apis Mellifeca (beeswax), BURSERA GRAVEOLENS (steam distilled palo santo oil), CITRUS PARADISI (distilled pink grapefruit peel), PIPER NIGRUM (black pepper oil).

MADE SAFE® certified. Free of any and all toxins known or suspected to harm human health, animals, or ecosystems!

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