Pure Silk Heatless Curler

$48.00 CAD

Cut down on your daily beauty routine with this Pure Mulberry Silk Heatless Curler, helping you achieve damage-free heatless curls while you sleep. Comes with an organic cotton-filled mulberry silk curling rod and two mulberry silk hair scrunchies. 

  • Made with 100% Pure Mulberry Silk
  • Achieve 1-inch diameter curls 
  • Measures 34 inches long
  • Filled with plush organic cotton making it comfortable to sleep unlike foam hair rollers/curlers. 
  • Gentle on the hair with the help of Pure Mulberry Silk made with non toxic dyes (OEKO-TEX certified) 

Colour: Ivory

Made with 100% Pure Mulberry Silk. Filled with plush Organic Cotton and made with non toxic dyes that are OEKO-TEX Certified.

Follow the instruction card in the kit to create effortless curls!

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