Fontana Candle Co.

Spiced Latte Candle

$40.00 CAD

Premium Coffee essential oil is masterfully blended with Ginger, Nutmeg, Clove, and Cassia oils for a delightful, non-toxic aroma. It offers a sophisticated scent reminiscent of a latte or a freshly baked treat, with a warm and complex character.

The Spiced Latte has a bolder scent experience.

Burn Time: 35 - 40 Hours

Scent Strength: Moderate - This scent is noticeable and pleasant.

Size: 9oz Glass Jar

Cocus Nucifera (coconut oil), Apis Mellifeca (beeswax), COFFEA ARABICA (SC02 Ext coffee oil), ZINGIBER OFFICINALE (steam distilled ginger oil), MYRISTICA FRAGRANS (steam distilled nutmeg oil), CINNAMOMUM CASSIA (steam distilled cassia oil), EUGENIA CARYOPHYLLATA (steam distilled clove oil)

MADE SAFE® certified. Free of any and all toxins known or suspected to harm human health, animals, or ecosystems!

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