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This Hypochlorous Acid concentrate is a potent oxidizing agent that can be used for all your cleaning and deodorizing needs. Rinse free and can be sprayed on a variety of surfaces and in the air for a residue-free clean. Multi-purpose and ideal for use in professional settings such as businesses, dental offices, restaurants, and schools.

  • 0.05% Strength
  • No PPE Required
  • Residue Free Formula
  • Free of Alcohol / Bleach
  • Free of Artificial Fragrance
  • Gentle & Vegan Ingredients
  • Non-Flammable, Non-Corrosive

Purity Promise: Made with gentle and vegan ingredients. Free of alcohol, ammonia, methanol, bleach, triclosan, parabens, quats, 1-propanol, ethyl acetate, artificial additives, added fragrance, and dye.

Size: 32 oz

Electrolyzed Water (H2O), Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl, 0.05%)

Shake lightly and dilute as needed with neutral or distilled water only. Fill cold humidifier device, fogger, or ULV sprayer and dispense on desired surface or area. Allow to air dry or wipe clean, no rinsing needed. Application may be repeated as needed throughout the day. Use twice daily for healthier living areas.

Light Strength: 1 part cleaner to 2 parts water (1:2)
Medium Strength: 1 part cleaner to 1 part water (1:1)
Full Strength: Ready to use

Do not dilute with alkaline water. For optimal storage, keep bottles out of sunlight, do not freeze, and maintain a tight seal when the cap is not in use. Store at room temperature or refrigerate. To keep from contaminating the product, users should avoid direct contact of foreign objects (such as fingers, cotton swabs, tissues, or towels) directly into the storage container. For best results, use within 6 months after opening. Do not taste or swallow. Avoid contact with eyes. Discontinue use if irritation develops.

Due to (1) material compatibilities and (2) the cleansing action of HOCl, we recommend dispensing from original packaging for best results. As desired, product may be transferred ensuring great care that any vessels which the product is transferred to are a quality plastic or glass, and are clean and free of any oils, debris, or foreign chemicals.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Cleans very well

I’m new at trying hypochlorus and it is amazing . It has a mild chlorine scent but dissipates rather quick and it is very safe to clean and disinfect. I love this stuff !

Brio cleaning spray

One of the best cleaning sprays for all over the house! Counter tops and washrooms, can use for anything!

The best cleaner!

I use this on everything. My favourite!

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