Goddess Ghee

The Mama Ghee

$47.00 CAD

THE MAMA is the newest blend inspired by Goddess Ghee founder Marion’s nourishing and euphoric experiences after birthing her babies.

Postpartum is sometimes called “The Fourth Trimester” and it’s the tender time after a baby is born where the Mother needs to be treated like a Queen so that she can heal and bond with her newborn. Mothers in modern Western culture often experience depression during postpartum because our culture has lost the wisdom for how to tend to this transitional time.

This blend is for the postpartum mama’s bedside table. This blend is for the breastfeeding mama’s travel bag.

(It‘s also delicious blended into a hot tea!) 

This blend comes from the heart and is a prayer for all mothers to receive the nourishment they deserve.

Size: 9oz glass jar

cultured grass fed butter oil (ghee), toasted and ground hulled sesame seeds*, raw Appalachian honey, shatavari root powder*, cardamom*, ceylon cinnamon*, nutmeg* vanilla bean*, touch of celtic sea salt

* indicates a certified organic ingredient, though all of our ingredients are sourced from the highest quality farmers we can find

Mix in teas, put on top of meals, enjoy spoonfuls as needed.

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