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Flow - Vitality Tonic

$110.00 CAD

Flow through life with grace and vitality, open up your higher energy systems and tune into your own natural power. This eloquent blend of nine classic tonic herbs are an adaptogenic force of spirited energy and uplifting enthusiasm.

These herbs are classically known to be robust, yet gentle energy transformation tonics that invigorate the spleen, breakup Qi stagnation, and support proper lymphatic ‘flow’. Proper spleen function is pivotal in transporting nourishment to the organ systems and to support immune function, digestive health, regulation of blood sugar, building of the blood and increasing red + white blood cells. 

The important spleen Qi herbs in this formula have been traditionally used in Taoist herbology to aid in metabolism / weight management, help break up accumulations and stagnation in the middle jiao (abdominal area) and are known to be very beneficial, especially for women. 

This formula makes an absolutely delicious hot or cold tea and can make for the perfect afternoon elixir. When taken around 4-6pm (bladder/kidney organ clock) the cleansing effects may become more apparent. The primary herbs used are recognized to be very effective in transforming any dampness.

As strong digestive fire rises in the sea of Qi, it may nourish and activate all higher energy systems. When Qi flows freely we are vital and evolve.


Astragalus root is a legendary vitality tonic that supports the immune system, heart and lungs, and is well known for strengthening upright Qi – which is the subtle energy our body uses to maintain upright posture and keep all of the organs in their right places. 

Codonopsis root is a special energy tonic sometimes referred to as “poor man’s ginseng” or “woman’s ginseng.” It has been traditionally used for restoring health & vigor for ages in Taoist herbalism. It helps promote Qi, balances the body, supports immunity, spleen health, and the production of fluids. 

Poria fruiting body is a precious tree fungus and one of the most highly used herbs in Chinese medicine, preceding only licorice. It is traditionally used to strengthen the spleen, benefit digestion, promote urination, boost the immune system and a promote a positive mental state. 

Spirit Poria is the inner most part of Poria (fu ling) surrounding the root. It is traditionally used as a shen tonic to quiet the heart, and calm the spirit. 

White Atractylodes rizhome is a very important tonic that supports the digestive system and invigorates Qi. Traditionally it has been used to help strengthen the spleen, balance appetite, encourage weight loss, remove dampness, and strengthen the muscles + legs.

Rehmannia root (prep.) is known as the “kidney’s own food”, and is an herb needed by most all today. It is a premier yin jing tonic for rejuvenating our most basic essence. It has been traditionally used for building the blood, tonifying the liver & kidneys, replenishing bone marrow, and promoting growth of muscles. 

Eleuthero root, also commonly known as Siberian Ginseng, is a sacred herb that has been traditionally used as a tonic for invigorating Qi, nourishing the kidneys & spleen, and promoting overall vitality for thousands of years.

Jujube date is a prized herb that is considered an “elixir of life” because of its' classical beauty and health effects. It is traditionally used for nourishing blood and Qi, calming the mind, strengthening the spleen, and for harmonizing ingredients of the herbal formula. 

Turkey Tail mushroom is a potent adaptogenic mushroom that is respected worldwide for it powerful anti-viral, antioxidant and immune enhancing properties. It is also traditionally used for athletic performance, stamina and digestive health. 

Tangerine Peel is traditionally used to help move Qi (energy) stagnation and acts as a digestive aid.

Astragalus, Codonopsis, Poria, Spirit Poria, White Atractylodes, Rehmannia, Eleuthero, Jujube, Turkey Tail, Tangerine Peel.

Simply add to hot water for the perfect instant tea or take directly by the spoonful. Blend into any juice, smoothie, elixir, or spice up your favorite foods. This is a completely water soluble herbal extract powder.

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