Wifi Kill Switch

$45.00 CAD

WiFi Kill Switch. Turn Off WiFi With One Click. Get EMF Protection For Better Sleep and Calmer Days.

Your wifi puts out EMF radiation that has a biological impact. When you don't need it, just kill it-- with this exclusive safer tech wifi kill switch. 

Wi-Fi breaks not only create more time for face-to-face connection, they reduce exposure to EMF radiation-- which lessens your body's overall toxic load.

Distance is our friend when it comes to tech safety, so physically unplugging the internet every time you want a break is not ideal--

This wifi kill switch makes turning off and unplugging delightfully easy. A digital detox every night! 

Give it a try-- you might just be amazed at the results.

Honestly it's The "Best EMF Protection" for your home. -We know it's not safe to sit next to the WiFi router and it's not safe to sleep near WiFi. 
This handy upgraded WiFi Kill switch lets you power off easily with no need to get close to the router. Try using it every night for better sleep for you and your family.

We Chose The Safertech WiFi Switch:
  • High quality at a great price.
  • One quick burst of 433 MHZ signal. It is an RF EMF, but I've used my meters and unlike two way wireless signals from WiFi, Bluetooth and cellphones, the technology is only one way and ONLY sends when you press the button.
  • Is not point of site, can go through walls up to 100'
  • Eliminates wasteful standby power and reduces energy use; save on your electric bills
  • 1 switch and 1 outlet
  • Easy set-up. A joy to use!

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Customer Reviews

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So handy

This I love. Our router is wired to the basement and is such a pain to remember to run down to turn on and off.

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